Friday, June 12, 2009

The Great Adventure

A few months ago, Ballerina auditioned for American Ballet Theatre's summer intensive program. You probably heard her shriek where you live when the acceptance letter arrived!

Her joy increased when she found out that Ballerina 2 got the same letter. Ballerina and Ballerina 2 were in the orphanage together in China. Our families traveled at the same time to adopt our daughters. Although we've known Ballerina 2 for 13 years, we hadn't seen her in years (we moved away from the city where they live when our daughter was about 2 years old). I recognized her at the audition (from Christmas card photos), called her mom, and our families reconnected.

We decided to share an apartment for the six-week program. Yesterday we all arrived in NYC. Here's the gorgeous apartment where we're staying. The adventure has begun!

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