Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bagels and Ballet

We've had two fabulous days. Yesterday we started the morning at the bagel shop. Nothing like fresh bagels, toasted with cream cheese.

After a quick stop back at the apartment, we headed to the subway where we got our Metro passes — unlimited riding for a month. Ballerina had a pointe fitting at the Freed store in Queens, so we made our way on the 6 and the V. Really easy to find the place, thanks to the good directions on the phone. We even had entertainment while underground.

For the uninitiated, finding the right pointe shoe is like searching for lost treasure. You know it's there, but locating it is a test of perseverance. Like a street shoe, the length and width have to be correct. The pointe shoe also has to have the correct profile, vamp, taper, and shank strength. The shoes are handmade from satin, canvas, paper, and glue. Being handmade, no two are exactly alike and each maker has his or her own signature shape. Some shoes have their maker's mark stamped into the sole.

When we got there, another ballet friend from home was finishing her fitting. Squeals and hugs all around.

The fitter at Freed was so attentive and exacting. Ballerina's feet were examined and measured. She tried on at least a dozen pairs of shoes — different sizes, different styles, different makers. She had Goldilocks' success — she found some that were just right.

Back to the subway, across town to Hell's Kitchen where the Yumiko shop is located. I had promised Ballerina a Yumiko leotard for her birthday. She and Ballerina 2 had lots of fun trying on different styles and colors. Both came away happy.

Lunch was at Chipolte. Inexpensive and spicy!

We walked through Times Square, did a little shopping, then returned to the apartment where I made dinner. After dinner we walked around the neighborhood. Found a great little bakery and each got a cupcake. Mom 2 and I got angel food, Ballerina had vanilla and Ballerina 2 had red velvet. Yummy!

We crashed last night and slept late this morning. We planned to go the Union Square farmer's market and on the Staten Island Ferry. An email changed all that -- tickets to ABT's Giselle. What a treat! Maria Riccetto was even better than the last time we saw her.

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