Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walk On

Yesterday a couple of the moms and I WALKED to the World Trade Center site. We hadn't planned it in advance, so my shoe selection wasn't the best. Let's just say that I'm lovin' Blister Band-Aids today. Fifteen Three or four miles later, we saw this.

Still so much to be done. Work goes on 24/7.

Although my feet hurt from the walk, I'm glad we went that way rather than by subway. We got to see NYU, pretty neighborhoods, interesting shops and restaurants. Stopped for tea. Found a mini-Chinatown as we crossed Canal. NJ friend bought a "Gucci" bag from a basement room. Quite exciting!

We then took the subway uptown, transferred to another going downtown, then walked some more, searching for another pointe shoe store. Ballerina's affection for Freeds is waning. Looks like we need Suffolk Solos again. The trip was a blur, like this subway photo.

We got back just in time for NJ friend's afternoon yogurt before picking up the girls from ABT. Another good day . . .

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