Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 1

The first week of the intensive is almost over and what a week it's been! Ballerina had her placement class on Monday. Kinda like auditioning all over again — only this time, everyone in the room was an amazing dancer! Ballerina and Ballerina 2 both were placed in the highest level for their age group. Woohoo!! Exciting and challenging.

Here they are on the first day of class, standing in line, waiting to enter the building. Butterflies in the tummy, I'm sure.

At the lunch break, Ballerina and I walked down to Union Square Park for lunch with Ballerina 2 and another dancer whom we met at last summer's intensive in Tuscaloosa. Sweet girl with a really great mom!

At this intensive, they don't allow parents in the building. Good thing I'm the one here, not Writer. He would be vexed at not getting to do a sweep of the building every morning! Doesn't meet his security standards. But, I take comfort in the fact that a Gestapo-trained very diligent guard sits at his post the entire time she's in the building, denying entrance to anyone who remotely resembles a parent. So, this is all I've seen of the studio so far.

I have seen everything west of Broadway over to 6th Avenue. I've walked and walked and walked and walked. Hauled and toted and walked.

Ballerina's dance bag must weigh at least 25 pounds. She carries 2 pairs of pointe shoes, 2 pairs of ballet flats, character shoes, character skirt, jazz shoes, jazz pants, lunch box, water bottles, leg warmers, jacket or wrap, bun supplies, extra leotards and tights, pilates mat, and a ton of other stuff. Big difference in tossing in the back of my SUV, hopping out in front of the studio, and carrying it 100 yards! But we're so delighted to be here that we're not complaining — really!

Some of you have asked what a typical day is like for her. After breakfast, we walk about 4 blocks to the subway, ride the subway, walk about 7 or 8 blocks to the studio, then wait in line until the studio opens at 8:30. Conditioning class begins at 9:00. She then has a technique class followed by a pointe class. Lunch is 1:00-2:00. After lunch, she has two more classes — repertory, character, modern, jazz, choreography, among others. Classes end at 5:15. We then walk back to the subway, ride, and walk to the apartment. Dinner. Shower. Devotions. Bed.

She's tired, but tired from doing what she loves. What a blessing to be here!

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