Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eschewing Puccini

The morning after our honored guest sang Puccini's aria, Sketcher was still talking about her magnificent voice. He also couldn't wait to pop Mr. Bean's Holiday into the DVD player and fast-forward to the scene where that song is mimed. No wonder Sketcher was so familiar with the melody.

Today at lunch, Writer and I were discussing something of monumental importance (okay, so I can't remember the topic right now, but I'm sure it was a riveting conversation). I commented, "Well, he eschewed . . . . "

When I got to the end of my thought, Sketcher looked up and said, "Eschewed. Avoided." He then properly used the word in a complex sentence. I tried really hard not to stare in amazement, and casually asked him where he'd learned that word. He grinned and replied, "Veggie Tales."

So, um, how do YOU introduce your children to new vocabulary words and the arts? Blockbuster or Netflix?

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