Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No Warranty Rule

For all you men out there who are planning to bless your wives or mothers with a Mother's Day gift, I have a piece of advice for you: Follow the "No Warranty" rule.

When Writer and I decided to get married (and we'll soon celebrate 25 years together), I was able to get past the giddiness of the moment long enough to establish a few guidelines. One of the most important was the "No Warranty" rule. I made sure he understood that in the wide world of gift giving, I didn't want birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mother's Day, Groundhog Day, or any other celebratory occasion to be marked by a gift with a cord and plug or warranty.

Giving a gift should be about the receiver. So, to open a box on Mother's Day that has a new appliance – no matter how shiny or time-saving – is saying to the receiver, "Here's another way to do some work around here." Is that really the message you want to communicate? I didn't think so.

Before you head to the mall or your favorite online store, my advice is, "Step away from the appliances. Follow the No Warranty rule." This is life-saving advice. You can thank me later.

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Abbie said...

Ha! That's great advice... I'm totally sending this to my husband. :)