Monday, February 23, 2009

Double Digits

My sweet Sketcher is 10 years old today! He's a constant source of joy in our home and in our hearts. He loves fiercely. He embraces all of life. He sees the good in everyone and is so tenderhearted. His myriad questions make me think -- and simple answers will never do. He's funny, smart, and full of compassion.

On this day, too, I think of the woman who gave him life in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am so very grateful to her. I pray that she will know the peace, joy and love of the Father. And when she grieves the loss of this precious one, I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort her and heal her heart.

We're off to celebrate!

1 comment:

Abbie said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on Monday. It's always good to hear from someone who has been through what I'm going through and made it out the other side. May God bless your family!