Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things

My sister, Professor, tagged me for 25 Random Things About Me. When we were young, I usually could outrun her. But I don't think I can get away fast enough this time. So, here goes . . .
  1. Jesus loves me. This I know.

  2. My dear husband loves me. And pampers me. And overlooks my myriad faults. Okay, he usually overlooks them. Sometimes he calls me on them. Usually he's right.

  3. I'm a really visual person. I love having pictures to help me understand. My children are my favorite illustration of God's grace and mercy.

  4. I think chocolate and Coke (the real thing) are food groups in heaven. And I'm pretty sure the Krispy Kreme "Hot Now" sign is always on there, too.

  5. I learned to drink hot tea in Morocco when I was five. Still love it.

  6. I once traded a pair of David Yurman earrings for a Bernina sewing machine.

  7. When Ted Knight was a commentator for the Rose Bowl Parade, he predicted I would be a future Rose Bowl Queen. Sadly, he was mistaken.
  8. My 40th birthday gift was flying lessons. Loved it. Want to go back to it some time.

  9. My niece and I went parasailing in the Bahamas. What a hoot! Ready to do that again, too.

  10. A Navy photographer took pictures of me, when I was 14 and looked 18, on board the USS Ranger and plastered them all over the ship. Until someone realized I was the chaplain's daughter. Oops.

  11. Even the smallest glimpse of the bay at sunset reminds me of God's vast creativity and beauty.

  12. Clothes folding parties are my least favorite parties.

  13. I love to cook, to bake, to make pretty table settings.

  14. Writer, Ballerina, Sketcher and I usually eat all three meals a day together. Somehow the noon table settings aren't always so pretty (think, clear the school books, move the newspaper and get the placemats . . .).

  15. I love it when our home is a refuge for those needing a reprieve.

  16. My idea of a fabulous evening is having friends over, enjoying a delicious meal together, and looking up to find that it's midnight already.

  17. My favorite lunch out is at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. I always order the same thing. Grilled yellow fin tuna on their homemade baguette with avocados, sprouts, mozzarella, smoked provolone and asiago vinaigrette. Side spinach salad.

  18. I like sewing as art, as a means of making gifts, and as a way of making one-of-a-kind dresses for Ballerina. I'm over sewing clothes for myself.

  19. I wouldn't trade the finest delivery room in the U.S. for the dingy hotel in China where Ballerina was put in my arms or for the former palace in Nepal where Sketcher waited for us to arrive.

  20. So many ideas. So little time. When people ask me what medium I prefer in art, I usually give them a blank stare while I'm trying to come up with a clever answer to what I'm really thinking (You mean I have to choose?). Hmm. Seems like I should have a clever answer ready.

  21. Each summer at my grandmother's house, I spent many an hour reading in a mimosa tree while Henry, the bull, grazed below. Somehow the thrill of potential danger outweighed chigger bites.

  22. Every time we're driving in a funeral procession and the oncoming cars pull over and wait for the entire procession to pass, I'm reminded that little courtesies mean a lot and that some Southern traditions are worth maintaining.

  23. Sometimes when I'm listening to a lengthy explanation or concept I don't understand (because there are no pictures), I try not to let my eyes glaze over (don't want to be rude or give myself away), but I hear the Charlie Brown adult voices in my head (wah, wah, wah).

  24. I love church architecture — from the grandest cathedral to the most humble adobe mission. I think God is honored when we bring beauty to our worship spaces.

  25. Even though I love my sleep (and never have enough), I love when God wakes me up at night and reminds me to pray for someone.

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