Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Rest of the Story

Ballerina and I were so delighted to see Romeo & Juliet! It was the last night of ABT's season at the Met. Sheer brilliance. Curtain call after curtain call after curtain call.

Ballerina was especially thrilled because Irina Dvorovenko, the daughter of one of her favorite ABT teachers, had the lead role. The audience adored Irina and swooned over her partner, the new principal from Italy.

New Yorkers love the ballet. Every time we attended, people were standing outside saying, "Need two. Need two." Like a rock concert!!

New Yorkers also love a good deli. We went to Katz's at the urging of a friend from church. He gave us the scoop on
  • how it works (five meat cutters work simultaneously, pick one and get in line)

  • how to order (know what you want before it's your turn and speak up) and

  • how not to completely look like a tourist (we failed on that one outside so we could have the photo op, but inside we looked like natives)!

Ballerina and I shared a roast beef sandwich the first time we went and a corned beef the second time. We couldn't finish either one!

Before we came to NYC, the Professor sent Ballerina a birthday gift card to Chikalicious, a dessert bar. Chika is a Japanese chef, trained in Paris, who makes the most unique and delicious desserts. Three courses of treats. Completely unhurried. Beautifully presented.

We were positioned to watch the preparation. Detailed. Precise. Rhythmic.

The final course marked the occasion. Three selections for each of us (Ballerina 2 and her mom joined us there). Which looks best to you?

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