Friday, July 3, 2009

Falling Shelves

Just a quick note, sans photos, to tell about my little mishap yesterday. I was standing in the aisle of a shoe store, searching for the elusive comfortable pair, when I got hit by a display rack. Apparently a store employee and a customer were trying to go through the same narrow passageway, one of them tripped, hit the 5-foot display, and it came crashing down -- on me! My left ankle, hip and side are pretty bruised and sore, but nothing's broken (or so I think!).

After about 45 minutes with some ice and multiple discussions with various managers, I limped home. Signed a waiver that I wouldn't sue the store in lieu of a gift certificate! Will return later to get the shoes!!

Please pray for speedy and complete healing -- and that I find the perfect shoes.

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Anonymous said...

I was just signing on to tell you to have a wonderful fourth - I have the Today Show on and it is VERY EXCITING in New York today! You must recover very quickly! You will be back on your feet very soon I know - a little Advil and you are on your way to another super exciting day in NYC!
Phil 4:13 -