Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Need The Savior

My pastor just emailed this to our congregation. I pray that it speaks to your heart like it did to mine. Oh, how I need the Savior.

One of the problems we have as Christians is that we often forget that we have a Savior. Since birth, we have been trying to save ourselves. The child who tells a fib is trying to not get caught. She is convinced that her lie will save her. The adolescent who cheats on a test is trying to save himself from failing. The adult who worries and schemes about how to solve whatever problem is on that day's agenda is trying to save himself or herself.

After Adam and Eve partook of the forbidden fruit, they hid, thinking that they could save themselves from the one person who could actually save them. They made aprons of fig leaves and chose darkness rather than light, thinking that by hiding, they would not be seen. Ever since, we, as fallen men and women, have unsuccessfully tried to make broken situations work. We have tried to save ourselves from unforseen consequences.

Many Christians spend the majority of their time trying to save themselves. We might not do it intentionally, but it happens. Why do we worry? Worry is our attempt to work out a plan to save ourselves.

When we become our own saviors, it never works. When we try to save ourselves, we turn to the darkness to hide us. Darkness, however, always betray us. Darkness will never save us, yet we believe its lie and agree with it by our actions. Look at Judas. Look at Ananias and Sapphira.

One of the most powerful prayers we can ever pray is, "Lord, I cannot save myself. Please come into the problem and solve it for me." That is the prayer of surrender – "I cannot save myself. I need a Savior." It is powerful because we are turning to the Light rather than to the darkness for aid.

Ask the Lord to show you areas in your life today where you are trying to save yourself. When He shows you, rejoice! Declare, "Lord, I cannot save myself!" Then wait for Him to act on your behalf. He is both Savior and Friend.

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