Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last night I read the first chapter of Acts in the Greek-English New Testament. No, I can't read Greek. Yes, I occasionally like to read the New Testament that way because it is a literal rendering and it helps me look at the verses in a new way. Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

Anyway, I was cruising along, got to the word καρδιογνῶστα, and came to a screeching halt. Heart-knower.

The NIV says, "Lord, you know everyone's heart." The literal translation reads, "Thou Lord Heart-knower of all men."

A difference without a distinction? Not for me.

Peter was leading the disciples in prayer, asking the Lord to show them who should replace Judas. When I read it in the NIV, "Lord, you know everyone's heart," my soul heard that as the Sunday school prayer. "Oh, Lord, please bless everyone today. . ." But when I read it in the Greek, my spirit said, "YES!!!" He is the Heart-knower. He knows MY heart.

I find great comfort and peace in the Heart-knower. I love having a new name for Him. Heart-knower.


awilliams said...

Wow, what a great name for the Lord Jesus. Just to say the words Heart-knower makes your heart melt and skip a beat. What a wonderful and personal God we have!

Anonymous said...

"My heart is me. The real me. Your heart is you. The deepest, truest you. That is why the heart is central, for what shall we do if we dismiss our self?"

John Eldredege, Waking the Dead, page 50.